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Index of Topics

Articles about Dist::Zilla2
How the Tutorial Gets Built3
Table of Contents / Index21
Converting a Dist to Dist::Zilla4
Adding Copyright and Licensing information with Dist::Zilla11
How CPAN Distributions Work12
How Dist::Zilla Builds Your Dist14
Performing Initial Dist::Zilla Configuration15
Customizing the Minting Process16
Building a Dist from Scratch13
Declaring and Detecting Prerequisites5
Releasing Your Distribution9
Start Here!1
Testing Your Distribution8
Integrating the Release Process with Your VCS10
Writing your own Dist::Zilla VCS Integration18
Integrating Dist::Zilla with Git17
Integrating Dist::Zilla with Subversion19
Managing Version Numbering with Dist::Zilla6
Writing Zilla-Enhanced Documentation7
Writing Your Own Plugins20

Index of Pages

1Start Here!
2Articles about Dist::Zilla
3How the Tutorial Gets Built
4Converting a Dist to Dist::Zilla
5Declaring and Detecting Prerequisites
6Managing Version Numbering with Dist::Zilla
7Writing Zilla-Enhanced Documentation
8Testing Your Distribution
9Releasing Your Distribution
10Integrating the Release Process with Your VCS
11Adding Copyright and Licensing information with Dist::Zilla
12How CPAN Distributions Work
13Building a Dist from Scratch
14How Dist::Zilla Builds Your Dist
15Performing Initial Dist::Zilla Configuration
16Customizing the Minting Process
17Integrating Dist::Zilla with Git
18Writing your own Dist::Zilla VCS Integration
19Integrating Dist::Zilla with Subversion
20Writing Your Own Plugins
21Table of Contents / Index
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