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Choose Your Own Tutorial

Releasing Your Distribution

If you release your code to the CPAN, you probably want these three plugin in your configuration:





With those plugins in place, the dzil release command will:

To let Dist::Zilla upload on your behalf, you'll want a ~/.pause file with contents like this:

  user RJBS
  password PeasAreDelicious

Everything else will just work!

Trial Releases

Normally, when you run dzil release, the distribution uploaded to the CPAN is ready for indexing. That means that it becomes the current, stable, indexed source of all the packages it contains. If someone tries to install Your::Library, they'll start getting the one from the release you just made.

Sometimes, you want to upload a dist to the CPAN that can be found and downloaded by interested people (or by automated testers running against the bleading edge). The solution is to make a trial release. This release will look just like any other release, but it won't be indexed by PAUSE, so it won't be automatically chosen as the latest available version by CPAN clients.

To make a trial release, just run:

  $ dzil release --trial
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